We want to hit refresh on your unused laptops!

Glee Givers is a Melbourne charity that refurbishes donated laptops and rehomes them to the financially disadvantaged instead of landfill. If you have a working device that you think could help someone in need, please fill in our Donation form.

We are passionate about IT and helping improve the lives of others. By taking devices that have been replaced by newer models and giving them a new lease on life, we are able to improve the lives of those without any access to technology at all. Many of our recipients have used them to apply for jobs, restart their education or connect with their support system. In our first year we refurbished and delivered more than 250 laptops.

We also donate all profits to high-impact, cost-effective charities, who focus on saving or improving the greatest number of lives per dollar donated (using the research at givewell.org as a guide). In 2023 we donated $7000 to Helen Keller International.

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Contact us at hello@gleegivers.au